UFACTORY xArm 7 with 6 Axis Force Torque Sensor


  • Fully Integrated Python API
  • Full Access to RAW Data
Leadtime 2-4 weeks

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Why 6 Axis Force Torque Sensor ?

6 Axis Force Torque Sensor

Our collaborative robot – xArm 7 equipped with 6-axis force-torque sensors provides accurate force and torque measurements along all 6 axes. This gives you precise control when it comes to difficult assembly, polishing and it is also a good assistant for robotic research. Additionally, the software provides the access to RAW data as well. This reduces the difficulties of developing your special function.


Data Rate 200Hz
Fx,Fy Fz Tx, Ty, Tz
Load capacity 150N 200N 4Nm
Resolution 100mN 150mN 5mNm
Hysteresis 2.5%FS 1%FS 1%FS
Crosstalk 3%FS 3%FS 3%FS
Overload capacity Fx,Fy Fz+ Fz- Tx, Ty, Tz
150% 150% 300% 150%

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