Case Studies

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VR Robot

​VR Robot

Extend Robotics

“I think xArm is quite an attractive cobot solution at the same price range. The design is inspiring and you get the performance quite rarely seen in this price range.”

Coffee Machine

​Coffee Machine


“The robot works 24/7 and replaces at least two people. Plus, the robot is interesting to people, which makes additional orders. Thanks to the robot, we can make 250 orders per day.”

3D Vision Robot

3D Vision Robot


“Now, a robot cell can be made from HW for less than 10k USD, helping us to promote our 3d vision-enabled, cloud-based Robot service to more customers and applications than before.”


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Open source

Open-source makes integration easier. Our APIs are publicly available

Competitive price

Starting at just US$5,000, the xArm costs 2/3 less compared to other industrial robots


70% of our customers are new to automation, so our tools are radically simple

1-year warranty

1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

Need a solution?

Pick up the proper head tools for your application, and enjoy the easy setup with intuitive software for free.
Linear Motor

Linear Motor

Add one more axis for the robot to extend the working range.



Official accessories for pick and place applications.

BIO Gripper

BIO Gripper

Speed up your laboratory tasks with a cost-effective assistant.

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