A multi-axis robot perfectly balances power and size

Ideal for: 

○ Machine Tending
○  Bin Picking
○  Mobile platform
○  Lab Automation
○ Robotic Research



Durable Collaborative
robots for your automation

Industrial-grade harmonic drive and servomotors guarantee 24/7 working without stop.
Crafted from Carbon fiber, 15kg weight makes it possible for easier deployment.


Flexible deployment with safe feature

Hand teaching, lightweight, space-saving and easy to re-deploy to multiple applications without changing your production layout.Perfectly for recurrent tasks.
Collision detection is available for all of our cobots. Your safety is always the top priority.


Graphical interface for beginner-friendly programming

Compatible with various of operating systems, including macOS and Windows.

Web-based technology compatible with all major browsers.

Drag and drop to create your code in minutes.

Graphical interface for beginner-friendly programming.gif
Graphical interface for beginner-friendly programming-.png

Fully functional open-source Python/C++ SDK provides more flexible programming.

ROS/ROS2 packages are ready-to-go.

Example codes help you to deploy the robotic arm smoothly.

Powerful and open source SDK at your fingertips

Powerful and open source SDK at your fingertips (2).png
Powerful and open source SDK at your fingertips (1).png

Seamless integration with official accessories

Our robot arm can equip with a range of accessories to easily achieve the application you need.
Vacuum Gripper
BIO Gripper
6 Axis Force Torque Sensor
Linear motor




Working Range

Working space of xArm series (unit: mm)
Note: The following working range diagrams are only for safety assessment.

图片11 拷贝.png


Robot tool head

资源 4_4x.png

Robot base mounting (mm)

资源 1_4x.png




Robot Specs

The control box is included in default.




Windows 10, macOS 10.10 or later, Ubuntu 12.04 or later.

API Compatibility

Interfaces with any product that has an API
Our robot API is open-source and users can make adjustments to the software as needed to interface with other products. While all integrations are possible, they all require custom code work i.e. most customers will need to write custom libraries and install software packages that are not shipped with the robot.
Open-source APIs GitHub.
Learn more

Hardware Compatibility
Interfaces with any product that has
12~24V general purpose inputs/outputs
ModBus RTU (RS485)



UFACTORY Studio is a web-based software running inside the control box, which means no additional installation needed before running the robot. Any computer with a browser has the access after 1 minute hardware connection.


Service & Support


1-year warranty against manufacturer defects

Stress tested to last a minimum of 3 years of full-time use


Certifications complete (CE)


Demo videos


A multi-axis robot perfectly

balances power and size

From $5,299