What is customization service?

While our robots have been developed with a clear business need in mind, and we still leave a lot of room for creativity and out-of-the-box ideas. We understand that different customers need quite different solutions for their unique scenario, and we are glad to help our customers to finish the last mile of automation.

From idea to making, we combine mechanics, electronics, and software into unique custom robotics solutions with our existing products. Even a single aluminum part or a software integration, we are always ready to help.

Together with your Product Team, we’ll arrive at a fully customizable solution that will enable you to automate processes, tap into new business models, improve customer loyalty, introduce personalization, etc.

Standard custom process


Contact us and explain your requirements with all the details you have (


Meet our engineering team and let us understand the problem by email/video call


Wait for the evaluation result from our engineering team and get the quote


Review our prototype type and give us feedback


Review our test in a real-world scenario and confirm the design


Get the final delivery


2-Finger Gripper with Miniature Photoelectric Sensors for Cup Picking

Vacuum Gripper for Picking and Placing Papers

Pneumatic Auto Tool Changer