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xArm is the most affordable collaborative arms, and it is also one of the best robotic arm for human-robot collaboration.


xArm 5 Lite

-5 axis robot arm
-3.5kg payload and ±0.1mm repeatability
-Perfect for simple tasks like pick and place systems and repetitive tasks.

xArm 6

-6 axis robot arm
-5kg payload and ±0.1mm repeatability
-Widespread in cashier-less retail, lights-out manufacturing, human-robot collaboration.

xArm 7

-7 axis robot arm
-3.5kg payload and ±0.1mm repeatability
-More flexible, suitable for robot AI, robotics research.

Why xArm?

Stylish Appearance

Different from the traditional mechanical arm

Multiple Platforms Supported

Compatible with macOS and Windows, Python, ROS, and C++.

Powerful joint

Built-in harmonic reducer, brushless servo, and 17-bit multi-turn absolute encoder.

Easy to Use

Fast set-up
Program the robot arm without code.

Robot Hand Guidance

Simply teach xArm by hand
xArm repeats a path in 10 munites.

Safe-First Design Cobot 

 Collision detection
emergency stop functionality

Lightweight Robotic Arm

Crafted from Carbon Fiber
xArm weights less than 15kg

xArm Accessories

Robot arm accessories are usually used with collaborative robots,
they are suitable for assembly, loading, packaging, sorting, sanding,
and packaging, polishing,dispensing etc.that's why cobot is popular in many industries,
like agriculture, education, science, robotics healthcare etc.

xArm Gripper

xArm BIO Gripper

xArm Vacuum Gripper