Automated Packaging, Palletizing, Bin Picking
and Kitting Make Supply Chain More Efficient

Automated Packaging, Palletizing, Bin Picking
and Kitting Make Supply
Chain More Efficient

- Palletizing Robot Arm -

- Palletizing Robot Arm -

The xArm collaborative robot can be integrated easily into material handling, packaging and palletizing, bin picking, labeling, and kitting operations. We offer three different robot arms, ones with 5,6,and 7 axes respectively. You can choose the type of collaborative xArm robot that meets your demands. We also offer certain very useful end effectors - our Vacuum Gripper, and 2-Finger Grippers as part of your automation.

In the past, robotic arms were affordable only by big industry. Our goal has been to make our robotic arm of industrial grade quality with one key difference - that it is affordable for small companies or even individual budgets. As a result, our prices are very, very competitive and transparent. You know up front that our collaborative robotic arm helps you reduce your front-end investment, giving you a quicker ROI. We also have a team of professionals and after sales service team that are ready to work with you to customize your solution and bring your automation to fruition. 

Advantages of Collaborative Robot xArm

● Our high-performance, economical xArm collaborative robot helps you to save cost, increase profit thus positively impacting your competitiveness and business value.

● The consistency of the xArm collaborative robot can save time, increase efficiency, improve productivity, thus our xArm collaborative robot will increase your profits.

● The repeatability and precision of our xArm collaborative robot remove human error, and gives reassurance that products meet a very high-quality standard. Such a high-quality and reliable supply chain can help increase customers’ perception and trust.

● Our xArm collaborative robot relieves workers of repetitive and mindless tasks and frees them up to do more valuable work. This helps each worker to achieve his/her full potential, and indirectly reduces the turnover rate. Thus, once more, the company will benefit from higher productivity and less turnover.

●The xArm collaborative robot is also suitable for non-professionals because it’s easy to use, and the xArm Studio can shorten the training time and greatly increase the start-up speed of the project. Engineers can program xArm collaborative robot with Python, C++, ROS on our fully-open platform.

● Our xArm collaborative robot is lightweight, small, easy to transfer. - As such, it can be easily integrated into different applications within your organization - use it in one place in the morning and another in the afternoon.

● You can also use our xArm collaborative robot for machine tending. The release of our new-release force torque sensor has made our xArm collaborative robot very safe and intelligent.