Collaborative Robot xArm for AI Research

Collaborative Robot xArm for AI Research

Collaborative Robot xArm for AI Research

With the progress of technology and science, and increasing computing power, demand for robot research is rising and many scholars choose the xArm robot as their experiment assistant. Their aim to discover new technology and promote the progress of technology and science.

Visual Imitation Made Easy

This paper was written by scholars from the University of California, Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, Facebook AI Research.They chose xArm robot as the tool for visual imitation, they aimed to simplify the data collection process and collect diverse demonstration data, finally, their experiment verified that their robot achieved an 87% success rate on pushing, and a 62% success rate on stacking, which demonstrates the utility of their interface for learning difficult manipulation skills.

Tool Used to collect data

Replication of same tool on robot xArm

The origin of contects is

Why xArm

✔ The price of xArm robot and its accessories are transparent and competitive and will help you save on your front-end investment.
✔ The newly-released force torque sensor makes the xArm robot safer and more intelligent.
✔ The xArm robot is very easy to program, making it ideal for beginners and factory floor workers. It has a fully open platform, and researchers can program the xArm with Python, C++, ROS, and easily customize tasks.
✔ The xArm cobot is sturdy, has industrial grade precision and yet because it is light-weight and takes up little space it can be deployed anywhere needed, even throughout the working day.