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by Amy Sun December 24, 2017

International Robot Exhibition 2017

The exhibition, which includes exhibitions, competitions, and seminars, is the world's largest robot exhibition which was first held in 1974 and will be held every two years.

 Japanese Robot Exhibitation 2017

This is our first time attending IREX and we took two products:UFACTORY uArm and UFACTORY xArm. On the day of the event, we were surrounded by a crowd of onlookers.

UFactory xArm and uArm Robot Demonstration

uArm has been sold thousands of units to over 80 countries since it was released in 2017, as our star product, UFACTORY uArm is featured with high performance, equipped with the ability to write fluently.

uArm Demonstration

What’s more, UFACTORY uArm's specialty, laser engraving with high precision.

Not only that, UFACTORY uArm is available for six end-effectors. Designed with totally open source, also could be developed by users with Python, C++, ROS, etc, and more than 45 kinds of sensor modules are optional. There is no doubt that UFACTORY uArm is the best entry-level robot arm.

Nevertheless, UFACTORY xArm is the protagonist of this article, and hereafter attached UFACTORY xArm's high-resolution & full-body photo.

UFactory xArm Robot - Black Version
UFactory xArm Robot - Black Version

UFACTORY xArm can only be described as graceful, elegant, and charming. It’s not like a robot, but a beautiful girl.

You might be asking about how to purchase UFACTORY xArm now, as for me, I would like to get one even though without knowing any performance of UFACTORY xArm. 

UFactory xArm Demonstration - Writing Robot Arm

We presented this prototype to customers since UFACTORY xArm is still being developed now. We would like to UFACTORY xArm meet our customers in advance to collect more suggestions and ideas. Though hidden in the black cloth, the streamlined look is hard to hide.

UFactory xArm Demonstration - Writing Robot Arm

UFACTORY xArm writes with high precision, and the words are just as beautiful as UFACTORY xArm herself. As the saying goes: The style is the man.

As a collaborative robot arm, it’s overqualified to write a word, but it still raised big attention.

There are too many questions to answer.

OMG, is this UFACTORY xArm?

How much?

It should be expensive?

Any problem with your capacity?

Can I make a reservation now?

When will UFACTORY xArm be launched?


Thanks for our keen customers, please leave your contact information at our official email, as we need to wait for a while. We will inform you as soon as possible once we launch UFACTORY xArm.

The International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, No matter it’s family, school, laboratory, or enterprise, they are all keen on our robot arm.

UFACTORY, the leading global robot company for STEAM Education, designs and builds robot arms that help people to learn & make robotics, and collaborated with each other.

We are committed to helping our next generation grow up with robots - the UFACTORY uArm, fostering invention, discovery, and technological exploration in the pursuit of inspirational and educational robot products for everyone.

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