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Case Studies

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Dual Arm Coffee Robot



"Great value for money, easy control, lightweight, great ROS support. We can offer customers a more affordable


​Coffee Vending Machine




"The robot works 24/7 and replaces at least two people. Plus, the robot is interesting to people, which makes additional orders. Thanks to the robot, we can make 250 orders per day."

3D Vision Robot



"Now, a robot cell can be made from HW for less than 10k USD, helping us to promote our 3d vision-enabled, cloud-based Robot service to more customers and applications than before."


Immediate savings on your investment.


Most of the cobots cost above $20k, it will increase the cost of a coffee robot. The price of xArm robot arm starts at $5k, it saves your money, and the return on investment period will be 50% shorter . You are able to make more economical and delicious coffee for customers, finally win the competitiveness in the market. 


24/7 working, excellent durability.


xArm cobot and Lite 6 cobot are designed for 24/7, a coffee shop usually works 10-12 hours per day, which means the durability of xArm and Lite 6 is more than enough.




Collision detection function ensures human-robot collaboration safety.


It is safe to install the xArm cobot or the Lite 6 cobot right next to the operator worker because cobots stop as soon as they detect an external collision.

Graphical interface for beginner-friendly programming.gif



People without any programming experience can run the robot arm in 2 hours.


The intuitive graphical user interface allows users to simply drag and drop programming. Users also can teach the robot motions and positions easily and quickly, greatly simplifying robot programming.



Free Studio and free Python/C++/ROS SDK


Free Studio and free Python/C++/ROS SDK are programming-friendly for engineers, they can explore the potential tasks of UFACTORY robotic arms, which is very easy to achieve what you want, like making an order on a phone, setting up the interaction between the robotic arm and the customer, robot scooping beans, grinding coffee bean, making a latte, etc.

Powerful and open source SDK at your fingertips (2).png



Fast Coffee Maker Make more profits.


xArm cobot has a 700mm/s speed, and Lite 6 cobot has a 440mm/s speed, which means the barista robot can make more coffee in a minute, and make more profits.




1 year warranty and technical support ensure good user experience


Reliable after-sales service and excellent technical team support, and successful user cases prove that the high performance and great value for money of robots.

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