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  • Please download the 3D profile for xArm product. 
(Please note these profiles are for the old version, there will be some differences between the profile and shipped xArm.)

  • Joint Dimension Figure for xArm 7 



  • As a beginner, what should I do when I first get my uArm?
  • Here are resources for beginners: Tutorial VideoDownload Software&Documents


  • What should I do if uArm Studio failed to connect with uArm Swift Pro?
      1. Please download or update to the latest uArm Studio
      2. Click the question mark beside "Disconnected"
      3. Click “Troubleshooting”—“Suggestion” to check the suggestions
      4. If the suggestions don't help, click the "Ask Questions" button on the bottom of this page to report your problem.

  • What is “firmware”? How to update firmware?
      1. Firmware is the "brain" of the uArm, which enables uArm to understand your commands when you control it via software or codes.
      2. Please enter "Setting" or "Check for Updates' to check the latest firmware version, release notes, and update the firmware.

  • What should I do if firmware update failed halfway, or I flashed the wrong firmware?
  • Here are the steps to flash firmware manually:

      1. Download "FlashTool" and Firmware .hex file
      2. Connect uArm Swift Pro to the computer via USB.  Note: Close uArm Studio while using the FlashTool
      3. Open FlashTool, and then drag the .hex file to the FlashTool. Once it’s done, you could terminal the Flashtool and open uArm Studio to check if the firmware is the latest.


  • What should I do if uArm has a calibration problem/moves abnormally/skips steps?
      1. Please check the cable of the stepper and the motor, if it’s loose, replug it while the uArm is power off.
      2. Send the position below to uArm via Blockly, shoot a video while it’s moving and send to us via google drive or Dropbox.
         Move to Position X 180 Y180 Z30
         Move to Position X 180 Y-180 Z30
         Move to Position X 250 Y0 Z150
         Move to Position X 150 Y0 Z30
      3. Re-calibrate manually (We don't recommend frequent calibrations)Guide for re-calibration

  • As a developer, where can I find the resources?
  • Developer Guide

    UFACTORY Github