uArm Conveyor Belt Simulator To Do Sorting

Major industries generally use huge robotic arms along with conveyor belts in order to do the product sorting. For the purpose of acquiring theoretical and practical robotics knowledge, uArm has also launched a Slider and conveyor belt kit. In this blog, we will share with you how conveyor belt simulator works to sort out objects/materials with different color.

The setup has 2 uArms, conveyor belt and the Arduino, the control center. The Arduino controls and coordinates the setup. Press the start button, the entire synchronized system kick starts. 

After initiation, the first uArm pics the object up and places it on the convey belt which moves that object forward to the other end of the conveyor belt. 

How does the second uarm know when to pick the target object up?

Aha, at the other side of the conveyor belt, there is a color sensor which identifies the color of the target object. 

Receiving the signals from the color sensor, the Arduino powered control center will send the command to the second uArm which then picks up the object and places it to its designated spot. 


Now the first object has been sort out from the materials. In the real industrial application, of course, you need to know how many objects have been sorted, or if the system is efficient enough. So we have designed the counting function below.

In between both the ends, the control center has an ultrasonic ranger detector which identifies the number of objects passing by and alerts the control center.


And, the total object count can be seen on the LCD of the control center.


This setup replicates the continuously automated task of pick-n-place. uAm and conveyor belt system are also beneficial in the task of arranging and sorting objects in sequential order. You also get pre-prepared source codes to enable you an easy setup of this system on your own.


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