uArm Controller Brings Everything together!

uArm is a versatile robotic arm, however, due to the motherboard limited I/O pins and storage, the applications have been restrained. Now, equipped with uArm controller, the robot arm’s potential will be fully unleashed!

We’ve designed 4 customizable buttons and a joystick rocker; instead of bringing a heavy, bulky PC everywhere, with a simple click, you can control uArm’s movement. With OLED display, the status of your project is updated in real time.

Here is a demo we designed to explain the feature above.



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Let’s build it step by step!


1. Connect the uArm Controller and uArm Swift Pro with Type-C. (The program use the UART2-TTL interface)



2. Plug in the uArm Swift Pro.



3. Connect the uArm Controller and Computer with USB.



4. Download Project File: joystick_with_uArm.ino


5. Configure Arduino IDEselect the board as "Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560", and select the COM that allocated randomly by your computer, please refer to the following picture:


NoteWhen uArm Controller is connected with a computer, please press the "Reset" button.


6. Open the "Manage Libraries".



7. Install u8glib.



8. Press the "Upload" button to upload firmware.



9. Test, and use the Joystick to control the movement of uArm (i.e. move around); use the rotary potentiometer to control the up-and-down motion of uArm; press button C to adjust the speed; press button D to open/close the gripper.


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