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UFACTORY xArm 7-Cheetah Mobile Conference

by Amy Sun April 28, 2018

UFactory xArm Robot Press Conference on 21st March 2018

Local time 7pm 21st March 2018 in Beijing, Cheetah Mobile held its “Robotic Night” conference at the Water Cube. During this conference, Cheetah Mobile launched five products covering different fields and different users of all ages. UFACTORY xArm 7, as a stunning advanced robotic arm, jointly launched by UFACTORY and Orion.

Coffee Vending Machine Uses Two xArm Robots

UFACTORY xArm 7 (7 Axis) is a cost-effective robotic arm that associate with optimized features against the problem of heavy and expensive in the current product market. The re-designed integrated robotic joint ensures the volume of UFACTORY xArm 7 is 30% less than that of traditional industry robot. With Japan-Made high precision reducer, UFACTORY xArm 7 becomes even stronger; 80% electronic parts come from the traditional 3C product, not only it yields a lower cost, the quality is stable and reliable. The use of lightweight materials in UFACTORY xArm 7 construction largely reduced the deadweight of UFACTORY xArm 7 to only half of the industry like the product. When concern about software, UFACTORY xArm 7 achieves 99.7% accuracy in project fetching based on Orion’s monocular high precision vision recognition. “We re-invent the robotic arm that applies to our daily life”, said Fu Sheng, the CEO of Cheetah Mobile.

UFACTORY devotes to lowering the cost and barriers of the robot and provides users with an easy operation platform when the usage of the robot is becoming increasingly popular at this age. The advent of UFACTORY xArm 7 brings us a more intelligent, simple and cheaper robotic arm to enhance our living quality, instead of the age when it only appeared in industry.

UFactory xArm Robot-2018 Version

UFACTORY xArm 7 is more than just a robot, UFACTORY defines it as an open robot platform. In the future, we will see a mass of application can be accessed seamlessly and UFACTORY xArm 7 will aid human in daily living.

As the latest product of UFACTORY, UFACTORY xArm 7 is a highly cost-effective product with silky appearance and complete secure design. The whole product (with control cabinet) weight only 10kg; the reach is 691mm; payload is 5kg; the maximum terminal speed can reach 1000mm/s; repeatability is 0.1mm; can support Python/C++/ROS and graphics programming modules. More modules will come with UFACTORY xArm 7 in the future, e.g. gripper, vision module, etc.

UFactory Robot Company

The present of UFACTORY xArm 7 is a new beginning of UFACTORY, from UFACTORY uArm to UFACTORY xArm 7, getting more powerful and cost-effective is important to reach a higher place in the industry. We believe UFACTORY will continue to develop innovative and intelligent products in the future.



UFACTORY founded in 2013 and specialized in robotic arm development thanks to its strong technic in mechanical engineering. The R&D group of UFACTORY consists of robot enthusiasts and presented its first desktop robotic arm in Dec 2013. With now, the ability to develop robot joints and control systems independently, UFACTORY devotes to providing “one-stop” solutions and best robotic arm platform to families, makers, enterprises, and AI R&D Lab, and simultaneously sustaining the competitiveness.


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